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October 2013



Planning a Destination Wedding

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What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is one in which the marrying couple and guest have to fly to, or travel more than one day to get to the wedding location.  Its not necessarily in a tropical locale – or even out of the country.  Its just a place far enough away that it requires travel and lodging for most of the bridal party and guest.

Why Have a Destination Wedding?

Let’s face it.  The traditional wedding has become one of the single most expensive events in the lives of most people.  Many couples – especially the more practical minded ones – are deciding to forgo the traditional wedding in favor of the cost savings that usually come with a destination wedding.  What cost savings?  This excerpt from the Antebellum Oaks Venue blog discusses the major one:

Rather than worrying about the cost of your wedding, the reception, and the honeymoon, you can easily combine all three into one! All you have to do is pay for an all inclusive resort where you can say your “I do’s” one day and enjoy the rest of your visit at your honeymoon spot! Think about all the money you can save. You will even have money left over to start your lives together!…More at Why Plan a Destination Wedding? | Antebellum Oaks Venue

So by having a destination wedding you can combine three wedding functions – the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon –  into one. Additionally, the number of guest you have to provide food for at the reception is more likely to be in the 10-20 range, rather than the hundreds.

destination wedding party

Image by jorgemejia via Flickr

So, Why NOT to Have a Destination Wedding?

So who wouldn’t want a destination wedding with those savings?  Well, there are many other considerations in addition to financial.  Besides requiring much more time to plan, one major drawback of a destination wedding is that many of your dearest and closets family members and friends may not be able to attend.  This can be for one of several reasons – they can’t afford it, they can’t get the time off work, can’t travel due to poor health/age, etc.  So consider this before you lock in to a destination wedding.  In his blog, Sadhbh Warren says you should ask yourself this very important question:

Here goes: do you or your partner believe that “if our friends and family really love us, they’ll make it there anyway somehow”?

If you answer is “yes”, stop considering a destination wedding right now. 

I can’t put this strongly enough; if you can’t give your family and friends the complete and ungrudging freedom to say no, or to say yes and then have to change their mind due to money/illness/unavoidable issues, then you shouldn’t have a destination wedding. Unless you can take a big deep breath and say, “I would be disappointed, but would get over it, and would still feel the same way about them after”, don’t even consider it Destination wedding: do or don’t? Here’s how to tell

It is YOUR wedding, and deciding to have a destination wedding is your decision.  You just have to be ready to accept that many of the people who hold a special place in your lives may not be able to be there.  

Have you had, or made the decision to have, a destination wedding?  Share your experience with our readers. Also, let me add that whether you decide on a tropical beach or a majestic mountain view, Soliloquy Bridal Couture can help you find that perfect wedding dress that will make your personal statement

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