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September 2013



A Winning Review From A Mother of the Bride

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This client review just touched us to the core. We are so humbled by our Bride and her lovely mother’s experience with us!

If you want a Kleinfeld’s experience (of Say Yes to the Dress fame), then run–don’t dawdle!!–to Soliloquy Bridal Couture in Herndon, Virginia.  Miriam and her staff are most definitely the ultimate Dream Team that will help you look sensational–not only for the brides, but also for the bride’s mom (me!).

Soliloquy Bride Vanessa's Review

Candid from Soliloquy Bride Vanessa’s Wedding Day

My daughter and I had gone to a few other boutiques and, at one of them, managed to find a few wedding gowns that looked good on my daughter–and we would have purchased one of them–however, she did not have that Kleinfeld’s Experience, which is what she really wanted.  We decided to visit one more boutique before making our final selection.  My daughter called Miriam and it just so happened that she had a cancellation that afternoon.

From the moment we walked into the boutique, we knew this appointment would be special.  Miriam had an attractive window display of a wedding dress as well as a few beautifully displayed on mannequins in the store.  Miriam was dressed professionally and smartly.  Her boutique was neat and well organized:  The marble floors gleamed, the lighting was soft, and Big Band style crooner-type music played soothingly in the background.  Dresses were hung along the walls of the store and were easily accessible for browsing.  The most notable thing about the dresses was that they were all made with natural fabrics and Miriam chose designers that were attentive to quality construction and beautiful detailing.

Soliloquy Window Display

Soliloquy Window Display


Soliloquy Gowns all lined up

Miriam was pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, very attentive to my daughter.  Miriam listened carefully as my daughter talked about the style of dress she was looking for.  Miriam asked a few clarifying questions, then escorted my daughter to a spacious dressing room.  Miriam brought in a silk dress designed by Heidi Elnora.  When my daughter walked out of the dressing room with it on, her eyes were huge with wonder and excitement and she was speechless.  My daughter knew immediately that this was The Dress.  Even though my daughter had on minimal makeup and her hair was in a ponytail, The Dress transformed her into a stunningly beautiful, gorgeously elegant young woman.  Miriam had hit a home run with the first dress!  It was an amazing experience for my daughter–and me, too.  Miriam helped us mark the moment with a champagne toast.  The whole experience that day was magnificent and exactly what my daughter had hoped for.

I also had to find a dress for the wedding and thought I could save money by looking at the department stores.  Boy, was I ever wrong!  The department store styles for Mothers of the Bride were either frumpy and old-fashioned, or they were way too slinky and age-inappropriate!  So, I let Miriam have her way with me and I am so glad I did!  She chose a dress for me that was elegant with a touch of age-appropriate sass.  And the color was fantastic for me.  Best of all, Miriam’s prices were very competitive with the department store’s!

Every step of the way, Miriam was very conscious of our budget, which was quite tight.  She informed us up front regarding the pricing of the dress, veil, and other accoutrements, so there never were any surprises.  We appreciated this so much because, as I said earlier, our budget was quite tight.  Knowing upfront of prices helped us manage our limits, which was very helpful.

The Soliloquy Staff was also top notch. All of the women were pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, professional, great dressers, and genuinely nice people.

Also, Sondra, the Alterations Genius, was fantastic.  She was always cute and bubbly and completely professional.  With her skill and genius, she was able to make the alterations to my daughter’s wedding dress without breaking the bank.  She was wonderful and a delight to work with!

Soliloquy Alterations Specialist and In-House Designer

Soliloquy Alterations Specialist and In-House Designer

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Miriam and her staff.  They are extraordinary and one of the best parts about The Wedding Experience for my daughter and me.

By the way, Miriam allows bride’s to visit her dress while she’s waiting for her wedding gown to arrive.  The bride can make an appointment to go in and try on the floor model of the dress she selected.  My daughter did this a few times and it further enhanced her Soliloquy experience.

Make it your top priority to visit Miriam and her staff and let them transform you into the Bride of Your Dreams (or Mother-of-the-Bride of Your Dreams as she did with me)!

With best wishes,

Lauren Simpson

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