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July 2013



Why Wedding Gown Preservation?

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Why Wedding Gown Preservation?

The biggest day of your life has come and gone.  You were BEAUTIFUL and stunning in your couture wedding gown.  It fit to perfection, and the pictures of you and your new spouse and bridal party are long lasting proof of that glorious moment in time.  One of the first big decisions a post-wedding bride must face is what to do with that other “love of their life” – the wedding gown. Here at Soliloquy Bridal Couture we strongly suggest that you consider professional wedding gown preservation to restore and protect this most prized possession.

Should you keep it? It is a lasting and tangible memory of the most special life event to date.  It may be, or become, part of family history and tradition – being passed down to future generations. You never know if your children or grandchildren might want to wear it.  We have been asked restore and alter several heirloom gowns so the bride can connect with and honor her family matriarchs.

Should you part with it? Maybe sell and help contribute toward payment of the mounds of bills that inevitably will come.  Maybe donate it so that another worthy but less financially fortunate bride can experience at least part of wonderful experience that you had.

Either way, one of the first things you should do is have your gown cleaned and preserved. You spent hours in your gown – sometimes under stress.  You dragged its hem across floors, you ate, you danced, and you sat.  Inevitably there will be stains, perfumes and maybe spills that, if not promptly removed, can cause permanent damage.  Having a wedding gown cleaned and preserved will ensure a longer shelf life should you decide to keep it, and increase its value should you decide to sell it or donate it.  Ideally you should have the gown cleaned and preserved within six months of the wedding.  Below is a snippet from the Bridal Yellow blog which discusses the why’s and how’s of commercial wedding gown preservation.  There’s also additional reading links at the end of this post:

Your wedding gown is one of the most important items of clothing you will ever purchase in your life. You spend months looking at wedding magazines, hours browsing bridal shops, and one day wearing it! And instead of hanging it in a garment bag in the back of your closet, you should consider having your wedding gown preserved. You may want to be able to pass it down to your daughter or other family member, or just preserve it for the sake of memories. Preserving wedding gowns, however, is not something you can trust to just any dry cleaners….More at Thing You Need Know about Wedding Gown Preservation | Bridal


Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

So what tips, experiences, advice or questions do you have about cleaning and preserving your wedding gown do you have to share?

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