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October 2015



Rainy Day Wedding Weather

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Soliloquy Bride Laura. Natalie Lane Photography

So let’s say the forecast is a possible hurricane or at the very least a nor’easter and you have planned to the Pinterest-perfect outdoor wedding.  What do you do now?  We reached out to DC-based wedding planner, Tara Melvin, of Perfect Planning Events for tips to save the day.  Tara has planned hundreds of weddings over the past ten years and is always prepared for the unexpected.  Tara recommends the following:

Soliloquy Bride Laura. Natalie Lane Photography

Soliloquy Bride Laura. Natalie Lane Photography

  1. Have a Plan B, especially for an outdoor wedding.  Know your options nine months out.  Ask the venue about their policies and procedures in the event of inclement weather and put your plan into place.
  2. Review Plan B within 7-14 days of your outdoor wedding and begin putting action steps in place.
  3. Within 48-72 hours of your outdoor wedding,  activate Plan B and notify all that will be impacted by this change, particularly all vendors.  Guests may need to be notified if the entire location has changed.
  4. Provide transportation if you need to move your guests from one location to another. 
  5. Embrace it if the weather is not too severe. Buy umbrellas, rain ponchos and shoe booties if you plan to expose your guests or wedding party to the elements – if possible color coordinate these items with your decor.  You can certainly get some fun wedding photos but you probably don’t want everyone rain-soaked.  
  6. Consider wedding insurance.  It generally covers all potential disasters.  At least you won’t lose all of your money. 

So, Soliloquy brides and others, take heart.  A little careful planning will ensure that you can get married and have a Pinterest-perfect day, no matter what the weather brings!  

Soliloquy Bride Minh. Vicki Grafton Photography

Soliloquy Bride Minh. Vicki Grafton Photography



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