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May 2014



One-on-One with Heidi Elnora, Soliloquy Designer

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Heidi Elnora|Bride by Design

Heidi Elnora’s rise amongst the bridal circuits has not excluded the classic stent of hard work, much faith and the passion any designer of her caliber would have. As we prepare for the upcoming Trunk Show, Soliloquy Bridal Couture goes one-on-one with the sweet designer from Birmingham, uncovering the incredible elements to her success and the heart of the woman who wants to make every bride as happy as they can be. Heidi explains how her family and faith have helped shape the brand we know and love, and why she hasn’t forgotten her Southern roots.

Heidi Elnora Headshot

How long have you been in business and how would you assess your success in the bridal space?
1.) “Going on this September will be 8 years. I feel very blessed to be in the bridal space. It’s where I’m supposed to be. I just really truly want to create something that they love as much as I do.”
The Heidi Elnora brand is resonating all over the US, even though you are a designer with Southern roots! Why do you think your designs appeal to a diversity of brides?
2.) “I’m so many different people! I have country roots, but I love the city. I hope every bride can feel the passion that I have, because I am all of those girls. I’m a real person and am just blessed to do what I love.”
What’s most important to you when you design a dress?
3.) Hands-down, I’m big on fit. I want dresses to feel simplistic and beautiful, for whichever person I am that day!”
How have your collections evolved over the years?
4.) “When I became a Mom… it took me to a more mature level. I’ve grown as a designer, as a result.”
We are so excited about the new “Darling” collection. What was the inspiration?
5.) “Heidi is one person, and Elnora is another. ‘Darling’ is more of that relaxed, free-spirited side of me. I get it from my parents: my Mom is very chic, and my Dad would rather be driving a tractor trailer!”

How do you divide your time between your own atelier in Birmingham, your sister stores, and now, a reality TV show? We know family is so important to you.
6.) “I’ve learned more so, over the years, to shut it down by 5:30pm. Weekends are my time with my family. I work so hard so that I can always be there for them….What I do is all for them.”
What would you like brides to know about Heidi Elnora?
7.) “I want them to know that I am just a normal girl with a big, huge dream. At the end of the day I just want to see brides happy. I do this, not for the fame, but it’s all by God.”

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Heidi Elnora Fall 2014 Collection:

Bella Odette_front Charlotte Fleur_front Chloe Adele_front Clara Louise and Clara Skirt_front Cora Lee and Leaf Me Knot Sash_front Elle Hemingway_front Eloise Gatsby and Jeana Lee Belt_front Georgia Bourgeois_front Leona May_front Nora Georgette_front Sophie Paulette with Sophie Skirt_front Sophie Paulette_front Vivienne Beau_front Zelda Fitzgerald_front

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