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January 2015



Celia Grace: Trunk Show with a Purpose

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We are always honored when we can share the beautiful gowns from Celia Grace at our boutique.  It is very important to us to support designers who are dedicated to quality construction and the highest quality fabrics and embellishments.  With Celia Grace, however, we are also humbled to support a women’s cooperative in Cambodia and the purchase of a water filtration system for families in need.  Providing jobs for women is critical in places where opportunities are limited.  Empowerment through economic opportunities is an effort we fully support.  We hope you will, too!

We  hope that you will support this Trunk Show that runs at Soliloquy Bridal Couture January 2-11, 2015.  We salute the Celia Grace team for having a mission that not only provides a treasured gown for your wedding, but also opens the door to more abundant living for people in need. #FairTrade #TrunkShowWithAPurpose

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