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July 2013



Bridal Appointment Etiquette: Tips for a Successful Visit

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Bridal Appointment Etiquette

Searching for a bridal gown becomes a part-time job with a full-time obsession.   And while making a bridal appointment may seem to be an unnecessary hassle, bridal shop owners who require appointments do so because it respects the bride and ensures that the bride will get the attention needed to make this important selection.

Bridal appointment times are generally time-bound to ensure that weekend shoppers can be accommodated.  Be on time and call and if you are running late to ensure that the consultant will still have time to see you.  If you have invited family and friends to join you, let them know that you need them to be punctual too. Bridal Appointment Etiquette

Only Make Appointments that you know you can keep

Scheduling a bridal appointment at your lunch hour is fine if you have a rather routine schedule.  However, if your work day is consumed by conference calls that run long and meetings scheduled at a moment’s notice, then you should reserve the weekends for your bridal shopping.  It is highly unlikely that you will find your dress when you only have 45 minutes to shop.  Bridal shopping requires a clear head and relaxed spirit so you can truly envision your wedding day look.

Avoid Appointment Madness

Allow enough time between appointments.  Better yet, schedule appointments at each bridal shop for different days.  When you pack too many appointments in one day, it feels like you are cramming for a mid-term exam.  You can only take in so much information at one time.  Feeling rushed leads to poor decisions all-around.  You could be leaving the perfect dress behind just because you are trying to get to the next appointment.


Limit Your Entourage

Families and friends do provide great support to brides. But too many opinions are just confusing.  Sometimes, they discourage a bride from making any decisions at all.  Respect the guidelines of shops that limit the number of people who shop with you.  The shop may not have enough seating or your group could be disruptive to other brides and families.  Select your support team carefully.  While brutal honesty seems nice, you have to be certain of the motivations behind the comments.


Canceling Appointments

If you must cancel your appointment, give the bridal shop the courtesy you would give any other professional.  Call and let them know immediately – preferably 24 hours ahead of your schedule time.   Bridal shops schedule employees based on appointments, and schedule other bridal appointments around yours.  When you don’t show up, it impacts their bottom line.  Most importantly, it is simply poor manners to be a no-show.  Consider how you will feel when someone sends an affirmative RSVP and then not show up for the wedding.  That’s a dinner down the drain that you have to pay for.  Be respectful of any appointment you make.

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